Philosophy of Education

The purpose of the school was never as an alternative to the public school system.

The command of God is for His church to establish the theological, philosophical, and academic preparation to fulfill His intent for all of creation.  The public school system is the alternative plan to the one originally intended by God.  The church is specifically commanded to disciple the nations.  The Word of God never instructs the government of any land to instruct the children.  The church has abdicated its position and authority to educate to the secular state.  We see the church as having the authority, wisdom, and truth to educate at the highest level.

The church can instruct in spirit, soul (mind), and body.

The church, which is the body of Christ, can touch all three areas. There is not a secular institution which can educate in all three of these areas.  The church is the only one truly qualified to fulfill the maturation of the whole person.  The school is committed to creating an atmosphere filled with the presence and teachings of Jesus Christ.  This will enable the student to experience the highest of moral and academic understanding. Some people desire only to shelter their children from the evil influences found in the public school system.  This attitude may be warranted, but there is so much more to be gained.  The better goal in our view is one of preparing the student to establish another standard in the midst of the world’s standard.

The emphasis on high academic standards is of great importance.  However, we are not just providing an excellent education so that the student can find a good career and become a successful person.  The purpose of the school is to train people, with the understanding that they are called to disciple the nations.  They are to live first and foremost for the building of the Kingdom of God.  They may be preachers, missionaries, plumbers, attorneys, scientists, teachers, or any number of vocations; but they will first pursue their relationship with God and the establishing of His Kingdom.  Most schools prepare their students to be successful in life. We are preparing our students to be successful in life by knowing God and placing Him first, being involved in His Kingdom, fulfilling His purposes, and doing all this in various professions and disciplines.

The school is committed to bringing the children into an environment which is built upon the principles of God’s word, His presence, and His view of humanity. We all understand facts are never presented without interpretation from the one who is writing or speaking so it’s important that children are constantly met with more than the humanistic philosophy of the world in which we live.  The Christian school is distinctive in interpretation, evaluation, and application and founded on the philosophic position that anything which does not begin and end with total and absolute commitment to the teachings and purposes of God is substandard and ultimately detrimental.  We seek God as the center of every decision, plan, and purpose as the Beginning and End, higher than man–his thoughts and abilities to interpret or position himself. God is to be the center of everything we and our students think, study, and implement.

True wisdom and knowledge are centered in Jesus.

The correct interpretation of facts is only realized in and through Jesus. Jesus created all things, and by Him all things hold together (Col. 1:6-17).  This is the fundamental premise upon which all knowledge must be based.  The interpretation of facts must be taught in the consistency of this truth.

The school is more than an educational program in a religious setting.  It is centered in the authority of the scriptures and in the person of Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit as the Illuminator and One who empowers.  It is not the presentation of facts alone that is necessary.  The interpretation of the facts is the issue that brings the distinctive difference.  While the presentation of facts may prepare the student for certain areas of life, the secular humanistic philosophy will often provide for a self-centered existence.  The Christian school prepares the student to properly evaluate and live life while on this earth, while at the same time preparing the student for eternity.